DevOps Engineer DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Location: • Lviv, Ukraine
• Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
• Remote, Ukraine
• Zagreb, Croatia
• San Jose, Costa Rica
• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Category:Software Development

Opportunity: Healthcare

Employment: Full-time

What's the Project?

Mental health disorders remain the highest unmet medical need, surpassing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Cumulative economic burden exceed 16 Trillion USD in direct and indirect costs. At this project, we are addressing this problem by building the worlds largest Real-World Evidence (RWE) platform for mental health to deliver clinical and regulatory grade evidence to all major stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem.

You Perfectly Match If you have:
  • Perfect knowledge of AWS infrastructure, including but not limited to:
    • EC2 infrastructure (autoscaling, security groups, ELB)
    • Route53, AMI, IAM, S3, RDS, ECR, ECS
    • Multi-AZ provisioning
  • Perfect knowledge of networking: load balancing, high availability, L4/L7 networking, OSI model
  • Production-grade knowledge of Packer & Terraform
  • Production-grade experience with monitoring & telemetry operations
  • Production-grade experience with best practices in security including ephemeral secrets, rolling credentials, encryption mechanisms etc
  • Strong understanding of the UNIX philosophy: POSIX, virtualization, cgroups, multiprocessing, processes/threads/pipes/devices, jails, systemd (fight me!)
  • Good knowledge of Python
  • Strong experience with Docker
Nice to have:
  • Experience with CircleCI
  • Experience with Okta
  • Experience with Datadog
  • Experience with SOC2 & HIPAA
  • Experience with Kubernetes (GKE/EKS)
  • Knowledge of best practices related to security & compliances
  • Knowledge of Haskell
  • Being a command-line nerd
  • AWS certifications are highly welcome
  • Intermediate or upper-intermediate English level
Your day-to-day activities:
  • Managing entire AWS multi-account infrastructure, provisioning domain & SSL expiries etc
  • Collaborating with CTO & other DevOps Engineers, assisting Data Scientists with DS clusters
  • Supervising development/build/deployment/delivery operations, automating infrastructure operations & terraforming process
  • Adopting & managing entire monitoring subsystem, performing security audit for production databases, automating ephemeral SSH & database keys, monitoring & reducing costs (e. g. scaling down staging environments during weekends)
  • Demonstrating initiative by performing gap analysis & offering improvement plans for the existing infrastructure. Feels like we need a different CI? Security issues? Infrastructure too unreliable at some points? We’re listening!

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