#BlackLivesMatter – Aligning our values with real-world problems

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#BlackLivesMatter – Aligning our values with real-world problems

Respect for the individual is one of our three core values at Newfire Global Partners software development company. Racism in 2020 is unacceptable, unrelenting, and undeniable in every aspect of our daily lives. Like many organizations, we are outraged but also realize this has been happening for far too long. It requires us to band together in order to make a difference in our world.

As an organization, we acknowledge we can and must do better. Let’s start by encouraging each other to learn more about the #BLM movement in order to take action and make real, lasting change. This year’s election is an important one.

Learn more here about the #WhatMatters2020 campaign and how you can contribute. We know we will.

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