Leverage data assets with AI / ML

Our team will guide you to find meaningful and actionable analytics from your data.

What We Do

Predictive Analytics

Forecast the future by using techniques such as predictive modeling, predictive pattern matching, multivariate stats, forecasting, and regression analysis.

Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

Identify the recommended actions based on the forecast, using techniques such as neural networks, graph analytics, heuristics rule engine, complex event processing, operations research, and optimization.

Prescriptive Analytics

Natural Language Processing

Build models that are capable of understanding and interpreting unstructured data streams, such as free text and audio. Then, perform the appropriate set of actions based on the interpreted data.

Natural Language Processing

Technologies We Use

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How It Works

Analysis & Strategy

Working with SMEs (subject matter experts) and stakeholders to identify the problem to be solved, define the hypothesis, and visualize what the final model would look like (classifier or predictor).

Data Ingestion

Identify the data sources that are best suited to solve the problem or validate the hypothesis. Build the right pipelines to get access to the data.


Determine the criteria for success and be specific as we determine the baseline model.

Feature Selection

Work with SMEs to determine the baseline features that are most correlated to the output that you want to predict.

Model Selection

Evaluate various algorithms to identify the model that best meets or supersedes the evaluation criteria.


To further validate or improve the model, test the models in production and with newer data that was not used in the model building.

What AI Can Do For You

Machine learning can tackle a wide array of tasks from classification of observed behaviors to prediction of spending patterns.

Business Automation

Business Automation

Cut your costs and reduce human error by using robust ML models. Uncover your operational capabilities by leveraging machine learning algorithms and models. Some examples include:


  • Classification of customer churn
  • Automated customer interactions
  • Fraud prediction
  • Tailored user experience


AI-driven virtual assistants and chatbots can gather valuable marketing data for your business and enhance your users’ experience. Not to mention, they can have hundreds of conversations simultaneously. Enhance your technological capabilities by embracing the future of customer service.

Advantaged by Prediction

Advantaged by Prediction

Will your patient cancel their future appointments? Can late payments be handled without third-party intervention? Will your sales prospect take action? Our data science can use models to help predict the future and help you to drive innovation one step at a time.


Financial Services

Manage uncertainty and risk by embracing the new level of security and performance with custom machine learning algorithms.

  • Portfolio management
  • Claims management
  • Fraud detection 
  • Stock market forecasting
  • Algorithmic trading

HR Management

Drive employee retention rates. Leverage algorithm to attract, screen, engage and hire the best talent.

  • Applicant monitoring & assessment
  • Improved recruitment
  • Reduced human biases
  • Fake CV handling


Acquire new customers. Build, analyze, and optimize your marketing performance one step at a time.

  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • User-driven content generation
  • Buying patterns recognition


Simplify lead generation and create smarter sales pipelines with thoroughly qualified prospects and data-driven approach.

  • Prospect data analysis
  • Enhanced sales forecasting
  • Real-time marketing feedback
  • Automated routine

Customer Success



“Newfire became not just an extension, but a part of our team. They’re truly the first vendor I’ve worked with in 27 years of the healthcare industry who are almost completely aligned with what we’re trying to do as a company.”

Bill Olsen

Chief Technology Officer

Diameter Health

Diameter Health

“Our partnership with Newfire is so much more than simply filling our talent needs. Newfire provides valuable expertise and are the advisors that we need to accelerate solving some of healthcare’s toughest challenges. I trust our team at Newfire and am more confident in our ability to produce high-quality output with them as our partner.”

Harvard Pan

Chief Technology Officer

Digi International (NASDAQ:DGII)

Digi International (NASDAQ:DGII)

“Newfire has proven to be a true partner who is committed to client success. They bring both technical expertise and business understanding.”

Kevin Riley

President of IoT Solutions

Buoy Health

Buoy Health

“The world is changing quickly and so is Buoy Health. Newfire is a partner who really understands our product and became part of our team. This has been the best engagement of my career.”

Greg Joondeph-Breidbart

Senior VP of Engineering

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