Five Anti-Patterns For Building Tech Businesses

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Five Anti-Patterns For Building Tech Businesses

One of the most challenging aspects of software engineering is finding the best solution to make your code work. Once you pinpoint it, you can translate the process across various use cases and a successful pattern begins to form. Yet sometimes a strategy appears plausible and becomes widely used, but ends up glitching down the line. These practices are known as anti-patterns and coders learn to avoid them at all costs.

Keep in mind that common anti-patterns occur not just in code, but in business practices as well! And they can ultimately affect long-term success.

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Newfire’s CEO recently identified five anti-patterns that every tech leader should know. What’s at the top of his list?  Every tech leader should have deep understanding of both the business side and the technical nitty gritty, and be able to bridge the gap between the two.

If you’re interested in learning more about these five specific anti-patterns and how you can leverage them to best strategize your business needs and steer your company in the right direction, check out the full article here, written by our CEO & Founder, Stephen S. Hau, and published by Forbes.

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