Four Ways to Survive a Tech Crunch

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Four Ways to Survive a Tech Crunch

Many first time founders have yet to experience a true economic downturn, and for first time tech founders in particular, the current tech crunch likely feels unprecedented. But according to Newfire’s CEO & Founder and longtime tech entrepreneur, Stephen S. Hau, it’s all surmountable, maybe even opportunistic.


As an experienced entrepreneur and business leader, Stephen has experienced and overcome multiple tech crunches over time and one key piece of advice he often shares is “trust the data!” In other words, stay current on exactly how your business is performing and how specific projects are progressing in order to make critical business decisions. Another solid cue that may have you thinking twice? While it’s easy to become risk averse during times of trouble, Stephen suggests “reaching for the stars.” That means seeking ways not just to cut costs, but also to drive revenues and build an operation that can scale quickly as the market recovers.

If you’re interested in learning more about surviving the current tech crunch, check out the full article here written by our CEO & Founder, Stephen S. Hau, and published by Forbes.

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