Newfire Global Partners Welcomes Gordon Wong as VP of Data and AI

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Newfire Global Partners Welcomes Gordon Wong as VP of Data and AI

CAMBRIDGE, MA – July 10, 2024 – Newfire Global Partners, a leading advisory and IT service firm, proudly announces the appointment of Gordon Wong as Vice President of Data and AI. With over three decades of experience in data warehousing, analytics, and leadership, Wong brings a wealth of expertise to Newfire.

Will Crawford

Gordon Wong has an amazing track record building high-performance data teams across industries. At Newfire, we believe that a solid data foundation is critical for any company that wants to leverage the power of data and artificial intelligence to create value. We have always been a leader in data and AI—with Gordon on board, we are confident in our ability to help our clients stay one step ahead in a world where a high-performing data strategy is not optional.

Will Crawford, Head of Advisory Services and CTO at Newfire Global Partners

Wong has held leadership positions at prominent, data-centric companies such as Fitbit, HubSpot, Cityblock Health, TripAdvisor, and ActBlue. He has led data and business intelligence departments, advised on high-level strategy, and was one of the key early adopters of Snowflake (where he was an early member of their Customer Advisory Council), Redshift, Looker and dbt. Known for his collaborative and emotionally intelligent leadership style, Wong focuses on empowering teams and driving business growth through data-driven decisions.

At Newfire Global Partners, Wong will lead the Data & AI Practice, ensuring top-tier training and development for data and analytics teams. His role will be crucial in helping clients address strategic challenges, leverage data for enhanced decision-making, and optimize data platform investments. Wong’s leadership will be pivotal in accelerating data-driven transformations and scaling data operations to meet the evolving needs of Newfire’s clients.

Gordon Wong

Newfire’s focus on customer success, social impact, and leading from core values deeply resonates with me. I’m grateful for the opportunity to build the Data & AI Practice, leading with pragmatic cutting technologies and empathetic solutions. Together, we will empower our clients to harness the full potential of their data, achieving greater impact and success.

Gordon Wong, VP of Data and AI at Newfire Global Partners

Wong’s appointment underscores Newfire’s commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering client-focused technology solutions. His addition to the leadership team represents the next step in the company’s mission to drive cost-efficiency, mitigate operational risks, and expedite market delivery for clients across various sectors.

About Gordon Wong

Gordon Wong has a distinguished career in data and analytics, characterized by transformative leadership and technical expertise. At Fitbit, he spearheaded the development of a robust data infrastructure (including one of the first large Snowflake data warehouse deployments) that significantly improved user experience and business insights. During his tenure at HubSpot, Wong implemented advanced analytics platforms that enhanced marketing strategies and customer engagement. At Cityblock Health, he focused on integrating data solutions to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. His work at ActBlue involved optimizing data operations to support large-scale political fundraising efforts.

Wong’s early adoption of technologies such as Tableau, Looker, Redshift, Snowflake, and dbt showcases his forward-thinking approach. He is a recognized expert in data warehousing and analytics platform technology, and has served as a trusted advisor for data startups. Wong is also a respected leader and mentor within the data community, known for fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that teams are well-equipped to tackle complex data challenges and drive organizational success.

About Newfire Global Partners

Founded in 2016, Newfire Global Partners is a dynamic IT service company specializing in digital solutions across various sectors, notably healthcare and financial technology. With operations in four global regions and over 20 countries, Newfire combines deep multi-sector experience, AI expertise, and top-tier talent to deliver innovative solutions tailored to each industry’s unique needs. The company emphasizes cost-efficiency, risk mitigation, and rapid market delivery, positioning Newfire as a trusted partner in the tech innovation landscape.

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