Newfire Global Partners Welcomes Kevin C. Riley as Executive VP of Sales Strategy and Operations

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Newfire Global Partners Welcomes Kevin C. Riley as Executive VP of Sales Strategy and Operations

CAMBRIDGE, MA – February 28, 2024 – Newfire Global Partners, a leading advisory and IT service firm, announces the appointment of Kevin C. Riley as Executive Vice President of Sales Strategy and Operations.

Formerly a long-standing customer, Riley now joins Newfire’s leadership team, bringing extensive experience in the digital health sector. Notably, Riley held executive leadership roles at Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII), where he was pivotal in driving the company’s growth in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and digital health initiatives. Riley was also Vice President and General Manager of the UPK Global Sales Business Unit at Oracle (NYSE:ORCL). His expertise matches Newfire’s commitment to innovation and service in the digital health industry.

“I am thrilled to welcome Kevin to our global leadership team and to have the opportunity to collaborate with him once more,” expressed Stephen S. Hau, Chairman and CEO of Newfire Global Partners. “Kevin’s exceptional track record is a testament to his capabilities, but even more crucial is his alignment with our core values at Newfire—his growth mindset, unwavering commitment to customer service, and exemplary leadership qualities perfectly resonate with our mission and vision.”

Riley’s professional philosophy champions people as a company’s most valuable asset and the secret to accelerated growth. This aligns well with Newfire’s culture of being a people-first organization vested in building the most advanced tech solutions using the world’s brightest minds. “I’ve admired Newfire not only as a leader in digital health innovation but also as a customer who experienced their commitment to excellence firsthand,” said Kevin C. Riley. “I look forward to contributing to Newfire’s continued success and driving transformative growth.”

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Background on Kevin C. Riley

Kevin C. Riley has over 25 years of experience in executive and sales management in global tech companies. He has been instrumental in company turnarounds and strategy evaluations, significantly contributing to their growth and expansion. During his tenure at Digi International, Riley served as Chief Operating Officer and later as President, where he successfully developed a new healthcare and logistics-focused cold-chain monitoring IoT business, expanding its reach to over 60,000 sites in just four years.

His commitment to digital health was evident when he led SmartSense by Digi in safely monitoring COVID-19 vaccines, demonstrating his ability to lead in critical, high-stakes environments. Riley’s career began at Eastman Kodak Co., progressing through various sales and management roles, and continued in his leadership at Oracle, where he managed multi-regional operations and sales teams within the UPK Global Sales Business Unit.

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Founded in 2016, Newfire Global Partners is a leading advisory, engineering services, and product development firm specializing in digital health solutions. With operations across multiple continents, Newfire combines expertise in AI and top-tier human talent to deliver innovative healthcare solutions, driving cost-efficiency and expediting market delivery while minimizing operational risks.

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