How to Manage the iOS 14 Facebook Ads Update How to Manage the iOS 14 Facebook Ads Update

How to Manage the iOS 14 Facebook Ads Update

Learn more about managing your Facebook ads for the iOS 14 update.

What’s happening with the iOS 14 update?

Apple has announced changes with iOS 14 that will impact how Facebook receives and processes conversion events from the Facebook Pixel. That change impacts every Facebook advertiser and requires implementing specific changes to your Facebook Ads account – otherwise, all your ads will stop!

Read our whitepaper and learn more about:
  1. The specific updates and changes caused by iOS 14
  2. How those updates are changing Facebook ads and how those changes may affect your ad strategy
  3. How to maintain your ads including step-by-step instructions
Get ahead of your competitors

Here at Newfire, we’re obsessed with all things digital marketing. With these upcoming iOS 14 changes, we recommend marketers worldwide prepare to handle the anticipated consequences.

We hope you find this whitepaper useful. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in leveraging full-cycle marketing services to turn your customers into your biggest fans.

Save Your Facebook Ads from the iOS 14 Update

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