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A partnership is built on trust, mutual respect, and communication. We're proud of our partners and what we've built together.

What Our Clients Say
"Our partnership with Newfire has been critical in accelerating our development and facilitating a successful commercial launch. They became a seamlessly integrated part of our team, and we continue to rely on Newfire to help us build new features and help us move faster in more and more areas."
Vinayak Kumar
Vinayak Kumar
Chief Technology Officer @ Lynx
"Given the privacy concerns of our customer base, we required an IT service provider we could fully trust. Newfire has been a partner in talking through our roadmap on the operational side, diving into clickstream data and conducting research into the idiosyncrasies of US healthcare to arrive at well-argued recommendations about the path forward."
Ryan Scharer
Ryan Scharer
Chief Technology Officer @ FOLX Health
“When we proposed an idea or a solution, our Newfire team would sometimes push back and say: ‘I don’t think that’s the right approach. Here’s what we could do instead.’ This type of collaboration helped us be held accountable and get things done.”
Bill Olsen
Bill Olsen
CTO @ UptimeHealth
“Partnering with Newfire has allowed my team to gain momentum without having to provide daily management. They actively find ways to add value, even in a complex environment where directive can change. I’m very impressed with their technical expertise and ability to help us scale as an organization.”
Greg Joondeph-Breidbart
Greg Joondeph-Breidbart
Senior Vice President Of Engineering @ Buoy Health
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Industry: Healthcare

Type of Company:Digital Health Platform, Telehealth

“Having turned over responsibility for developing clinical tools to Newfire, I’ve been freed to pay more attention to the member experience work over the past few years. And with the arrival of Newfire’s member experience team, I look forward to being able to spend much more time on strategic concerns.”


Industry: Healthcare

Type of Company:Medical Devices

“From the moment we engaged with Newfire, we were immediately impressed with the caliber of their executive team. They gave us good direction and starting the collaboration was very straightforward. As we started interviewing developers, it became clear that Newfire prioritizes talent above all else.”

Diameter Health

Industry: Healthcare

Type of Company:Health Data Optimization

“Our partnership with Newfire involves more than simply meeting our talent needs. Newfire provides valuable expertise and is the advisor we need to accelerate solving some of healthcare’s toughest challenges. I trust our team at Newfire and am more confident in our ability to produce high-quality output.”

Buoy Health

Industry: Healthcare

Type of Company:Digital Health App

“The world is changing quickly and so is Buoy Health. Newfire is a partner who really understands our product and became part of our team. This has been the best engagement of my career.”


Industry: Healthcare

Type of Company:B2B Software Subscription

“Newfire became not just an extension, but a part of our team. They’re truly the first vendor I’ve worked with in 27 years of the healthcare industry who are almost completely aligned with what we’re trying to do as a company.”

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