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Diameter Health

Industry: Healthcare

Business Type: Health Data Optimization

Newfire Solutions: Dedicated Team, Software Engineering, API Integration, Cloud Services, Quality Assurance, FHIR


Diameter Health, headquartered in Farmington, CT, provides a highly scalable healthcare data optimization platform that normalizes, enriches, reorganizes, deduplicates, and summarizes healthcare data from electronic health records and other data sources. The result is a data asset deployable for multiple use cases including quality reporting, risk assessment, care coordination, and population health initiatives.

COVID-19 created an immediate need for healthcare organizations to make sense of large, complicated, and disorderly data sets. Diameter Health is uniquely qualified to address this need and enable clients to turn data into insights.


Clinical data source systems often generate unstructured or incomplete documents that are difficult to process and analyze. Diameter Health processes millions of patient records, where the clinical data source systems must continuously and securely monitor for completeness and accuracy.

Diameter Health needed to augment their internal team with a dependable partner holding a deep healthcare data analytics background and familiarity with the required solution architectures. They were challenged to improve operational performance and bring more talent on-demand with diverse technical backgrounds.

Newfire Global Partners was tasked to:
  • Build a solution to support the complete data analytics lifecycle
  • Deliver the infrastructure needed to build FHIR services
  • Help the company to deploy on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions
“Staffing top talent has been a highlight of the Newfire experience, and Newfire has hands down made that experience so much better! It was a big challenge to hire people during such uncertain times and also have the ability to make the process efficient. With Newfire, I have good visibility into the process – if I request a position, they'll source the right person within the right time frame.”
Harvard Pan

Chief Technology Officer @ Diameter Health


The Newfire team began by optimizing the infrastructure with Kubernetes and Docker for different services. Since Diameter Health also serves companies with in-house servers, Newfire adopted a cloud-agnostic strategy and simplified on-premise environmental management. Due to the improved infrastructure, the Diameter Health platform became more scalable.

Using an Infrastructure-as-Code approach, Newfire reduced costs by optimizing employee utilization, removing third-party services, and operationalizing a continuously scalable process. Currently, the Newfire team is continuing to work on a big data processing platform as well as reducing services downtime with the goal of achieving zero downtime.


  • Developed secure FHIR server infrastructure
  • Securely enabled on-premise and hybrid cloud deployments
  • Implemented modern DevOps design patterns
“Our partnership with Newfire involves more than simply meeting our talent needs. Newfire provides valuable expertise and is the advisor we need to accelerate solving some of healthcare’s toughest challenges. I trust our team at Newfire and am more confident in our ability to produce high-quality output with them as our partner.”
Harvard Pan

Chief Technology Officer @ Diameter Health

“Data volumes are increasing and legacy artifacts are accumulating, which always challenges the performance of health data applications. I’m glad that we supported Diameter Health with a secure extension on FHIR and established a win-win partnership.”

Senior DevOps @ Newfire Global Partners

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