BA TechTalk Series 2022 Q3 BA TechTalk Series 2022 Q3

Mind the Gap: How BAs Bridge Business & Technical Needs

27-28 September 2022 @ 6 PM CET / 7 PM EET / 10 AM CST
@Newfire’s Virtual BA Office

If superheroes were human, they would almost definitely have day jobs as Business Analysts 😉.

BAs are jacks of all trades who manage, develop, monitor, ensure, measure, coordinate, test, improve, implement AND launch projects, all while keeping various needs in check and team members informed and happy!

Here at Newfire, we’re proud of our Business Analyst Chapter and their unique skill sets and expertise.
Our BAs look forward to sharing some of the aces up their BA sleeves, so don’t miss our Business Analyst TechTalk series, 27 – 28 September 2022.

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Ivo, IT Business Analyst & BA Chapter Deputy | Newfire Global Partners, Croatia

Ivo has more than seven years of experience that spans across multiple domains including healthcare, B2B, ECM, ERP, IoT, and Fintech. He’s worked on projects of varying sizes, from small to enterprise. Here at Newfire, Ivo focuses on healthcare where he helps companies improve their processes and streamline development from ideation to production.

Dorian, IT Business Analyst | Newfire Global Partners, Croatia

With more than six years of experience in IT, healthcare, and financial services, Dorian currently works in Newfire’s Croatian office helping US-based clients deliver revolutionary healthcare IT products. He doesn’t shy away from taking on additional roles, thus becoming prolific in the software development process that equipped him to successfully drive projects from their identification and preparation to implementation.

TechTalk Details

Session 1:

When Integration Gets Tough, Call a BA

How a BA can seamlessly run third-party integration

Presented by: Ivo, Newfire IT Business Analyst, Croatia
Date & Time: 27 September @ 6 PM

If it looks like easy integration and it sounds like easy integration, well…think again! Add a third party to the mix and the project might get overcrowded pretty quickly. This is where BAs come to the rescue! 

In this session, Ivo will tackle different aspects of integration and how to approach each one. He’ll also discuss potential risks and provide suggestions to make a third-party integration work more seamlessly.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare for elicitation meetings
  • Approach integration by considering all risk factors
  • Recognize the most common integration requests
  • Document and test endpoints from a BA’s perspective



Session 2:

Make Your Project Soar with SOAR

How BAs are scaling and adapting SOAR analysis to fit any organization and project

Presented by: Dorian, Newfire IT Business Analyst, Croatia
Date & Time: 28 September @ 6 PM

There is, in fact, a kryptonite to protect against a project flop – SOAR analysis!

SOAR is a strategic planning technique that can be applied to IT projects of all sizes and complexities. In the hands of a Business Analyst, it can help organizations focus on their current strengths and opportunities while creating a vision for the future. This vision can be used to motivate stakeholders and drive projects towards completion.

Here, Dorian will dive into the SOAR tool and demonstrate how to scale and adapt it to the needs of any unique organization.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use the SOAR analysis tool, when to employ it, and how to maximize it to your advantage
  • Prepare for a SOAR analysis and make the most of the outcome
  • Identify the advantages and limitations of a SOAR analysis
  • Navigate SOAR’s biggest obstacles
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