Embracing Humanity in the Age of AI: The Importance Of Company Culture

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Embracing Humanity in the Age of AI: The Importance Of Company Culture

AI has become increasingly better equipped to take over some of our everyday work tasks. In the span of just a few months, AI tools have shown they can easily generate code, identify bugs, analyze data, offer all kinds of customer support, and even generate creative content with staggering accuracy and speed.

It didn’t take long for a pertinent question to arise: how is this technology going to affect skilled workers (software developers included)? Should employees fear for their jobs, or should they relish the opportunity to focus on more meaningful work now that mundane tasks can be done by someone (or rather, something) else?

Newfire’s CEO, Stephen S. Hau, is a longtime player in the tech industry. He’s seen disruptions, crises, and technological leaps rattle our industry before. The key to surviving such storms, he says, lies in investing in the most human element of your business — company culture.

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In his latest Forbes article, Stephen explains that uniquely human skills like empathy, creativity, and critical thinking will gain new meaning in the era of AI and become the basis for innovation and the technological breakthroughs that follow.

If AI is really poised to take over, it’s these traits that will become the differentiating factor. That means companies would be wise to adapt to this brave new world and bet on their teams by nurturing a close-knit, human-centric company culture.

What’s your stance on the AI revolution? Do you plan to move forward with AI as a staunch ally? If so, go read Steve’s full article and gain some expert insight into how AI-powered, human-centric teams of the future will work.


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