The AI Main Event: Redefining B2B Business Models

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The AI Main Event: Redefining B2B Business Models

As a tech leader, you’ve seen firsthand the productivity and project quality gains that AI can unlock. But have you considered how these developments will impact the way B2B companies interact with and bill their clients?

In an all-new Forbes article titled “The AI Main Event: Redefining B2B Business Models,” Stephen S. Hau, CEO of Newfire Global Partners, shares his opinions about AI’s transformative role in reshaping B2B business models. The spark that will ignite the change, he argues, may be found in the software development cost reductions brought on by global teams and rising AI tool use.

Stephen S. Hau

In the dynamic market, the question is no longer if AI will impact your business, but how innovatively you can leverage it to transform your business model.

Stephen S. Hau, CEO @ Newfire Global Partners

These new players will challenge market norms by introducing novel business models that tie billing directly to client KPIs and promise to charge clients only when they succeed.

As you can imagine, this could be an extremely attractive and, therefore, disruptive market proposition, meaning established companies will have to embrace the change to stay in the race. But where to even begin? Hau shares his advice, informed by Newfire’s own AI-powered work methodology:

To thrive, newcomers and incumbents alike must not only innovate but also strategically manage and service their technological assets, seizing opportunities for substantial cost efficiencies.

– Stephen S. Hau, CEO, Newfire Global Partners

He goes on to share four immediate steps company leaders can take right now to identify opportunities for cutting costs and upgrading assets that will enable them to participate in what he calls “the new, more dynamic and innovative era.”

To find out more, read Stephen S. Hau’s full Forbes article and get a head start on the transformation sweeping the B2B tech landscape.

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