Industry: Healthcare

Business Type: B2B Software Subscription

Newfire Solutions: Product Development, Software Engineering, API Integrations, Quality Assurance


UptimeHealth, headquartered in Charlestown, is a fast-growing software company that empowers care providers to make patients’ lives better. It helps medical facilities manage their processes, devices, and data in the cloud with simple-to-use cloud software.

Their products ensure customers are able to effortlessly assign and monitor the completion of compliance tasks, keep an accurate inventory of equipment, reduce the cost of equipment ownership, use analytics to gain operational efficiencies, and predict their next big equipment purchases.


With the rapid market transformation and intense competition, UptimeHealth was challenged to make the right prioritizations during their continuous product growth. They strived to partner with an affordable, yet qualified team to take them to the next level.

Their initial proof-of-concept (POC) product used simple LAMP technologies which inhibited long-term product scalability and agility of the development team. Despite limited funds and timeframes, UptimeHealth partnered with Newfire Global Partners to deliver a swift solution without sacrificing quality.

Newfire's team was tasked to:
  • Define a new scalable technology architecture
  • Create a plan to incrementally re-engineer UptimeHealth’s POC system
  • Define a plan to move to Amazon AWS from the existing cloud platform
  • De-risk future project expansion
“When we proposed an idea or a solution, our Newfire team would push back and say: ‘I don’t think it’s the right approach. Here’s what we should do.’ This type of collaboration helped us be held accountable and get things done.”
Bill Olsen

Co-founder & CTO @ UptimeHealth


Immediately after partnering with UptimeHealth, Newfire Global Partners assessed the difference between the current product architecture/cloud platform and the target state. The root of the issue was with existing products monolithic design and older LAMP technology. Newfire Global Partners initiated a transfer to a Javascript framework which is a balance between functionality, performance, and scalability of the system.

To ensure the system’s front-end was flexible, stable, and easier to implement, the development team adopted React technology. Back-end performance was enhanced by a thoroughly selected Node.js framework in close cooperation with UptimeHealth’s CTO, Bill Olsen.

Newfire's team provided the following solutions:
  • A reliable technology stack and serverless architecture that improved system performance and scalability
  • System architecture security with an experienced QA team
  • Key features for task management
“We were excited to work with new front-end technologies and de-risk their software architecture to allow for new features to be securely created in a fast manner."

Software Engineer

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